Akon SUED — You Owe Us $127,000 For Your Crappy Website

Exclusive 0208-akon-tmz
“s attempt to create a social media website is blowing up in his face — first, the site floundered … and now a company that worked on it is suing him for more than $127,000 … our sources has learned.

Atlanta Business Video recently filed the lawsuit in Georgia — claiming it was hired in 2011 to cut video for “Fantrace” but never got paid a stinking dime.

FYI — “Fantrace” was created by Akon and 2 business partners who wanted it to be a Facebook-type forum where fans interact with celebs. Great idea, but according to ABV it was poorly executed.

ABV says it put in 1,023 hours of work — worth $127,875 — and wants to get paid ASAP.

We called Akon for comment, and he said — “Konvict … Muzik.”

Actually, he hasn”t gotten back to us yet. But that would”ve been awesome.