Afrojack — Bruce Jenner’s a ‘P**sy … I Drive WAYYY Faster Than That Guy!

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Not everyone”s impressed with Bruce Jenner“s race car driving skills … especially not Afrojack, who tells our sources Jenner”s a p**sy” behind the wheel … “cause he ONLY did 160mph this weekend.

FYI — Afrojack is a hardcore speed-aholic … and while standing next to his Ferrari in L.A. last night, the 26-year-old  platinum-selling DJ scoffed at Jenner”s achievement and told us he”s gone wayyyyy faster in his own cars.

“I did 216 in my RS6 [Audi] and I did 210 in my Aventador [Lambo]… so Bruce Jenner can kiss my dust.”

Two things:

1) LOOOOOVE this guy.

2) Sounds like a challenge to us.

Let”s settle this on the track!!!!!!