African-American Men — We’re Suing ‘The Bachelor’ Because It’s RACIST!!!

Two African-American men have just filed a discrimination lawsuit against the producers of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” — and now, they”re going public with details behind their racism accusations … we”re streaming LIVE.

The news conference is scheduled to start at 12:30 PM PDT.

As we previously reported, the men — Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks — claim they were passed over for the role of the “bachelor” because of the color of their skin.

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Amber:  55 minutes ago

So Senseless and Stupid!!! Get a life guys…

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KIR:  55 minutes ago

Yeah, white men and black women don”t want to see a brother grinding, dry humping and bust”n slob with Backy on national TV. lol But we know they”re watching brothers get down behind close doors when no one is looking. What”s the #1 p0rn video that grosses 1 mil a month Kim K and Ray J

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MzReeses:  53 minutes ago

Thats right sue their azzez! Black Power!

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MyOpinionOnly:  53 minutes ago

Shoot, I dont even watch this show and I can concur with that! They have NEVER had 1 black contestant on either show and really, give me a break in this day and age! I think they should just dump both of these crap shows anyways since its all a scam! Not one couple other than the 1st bachelorette has actually made the effort of their relationship.

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Danny Dog:  50 minutes ago

I am sick and tired of these effing knee grows. They should quarantine them all on an island!

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Bitchmaster:  48 minutes ago

Transgenders should be allowed to compete. Hehe.

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dlight72:  47 minutes ago

Where the hell is Gloria Allred Missed opportunity.

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dlight72:  47 minutes ago

Where the hell is Gloria Allred Missed opportunity.

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lynn garrison:  46 minutes ago

Come on people… BET is not Racist! Black history month is not racist! My familiy has been interracial for 70 years. I think I know something about this subject!Time for everyone to start growing up!!!!!

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shiker:  45 minutes ago

good for these two, make “em pay, time to call Rev. Al…maybe this will bring an end to this fabrication of how couples do (or are expected to) relate to each other. its sad to know this trash is what today”s Young people are exposed to and sub-consiously emulate in their own real lives. How many in the random public at-large can say they have ever had (or will have)a chance to pick from a mansion full of beautiful people to date. This franchise should be labeled as fake-lity. Shame on ABC for airing this racist garbage.

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johnny:  43 minutes ago

the show can choose whoever they want. these guys have absolutely no claim and this case will go nowhere. making choices based on television ratings and advertising dollars has nothing to do with the producers being racist. if your audience is 90+ percent white then the show is going to use white people as the bachelor or bachelorette. there is nothing legally wrong with that. they have had plenty of black and other races on the show as options for the bachelor or bachelorette to choose from. the show is not racist. get a life. attention whores.

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HAHAHA:  42 minutes ago

Hell yha!! Im suing the producers from Roots for not casting me in there as well!!! Free money bi#@hes!!!

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