Adrian Peterson — ‘I’m 200% Innocent’

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NFL star Adrian Peterson insists … he did NOT resist arrest last week outside a Houston nightclub after allegedly shoving an off-duty police officer — claiming, “I”m 200% innocent.”

The Minnesota Vikings running back just spoke inside a Houston courthouse, telling reporters, “I didn”t push, shove, touch anything or anyone, especially an officer.”

He added, “I definitely don”t have a problem with the Houston PD. This involves two individual officers that I have an issue with. Once everything is settled, the truth will come out.”

Peterson was at court this morning for his arraignment on the resisting arrest charge — but the arraignment was postponed to August.

On his way out, Peterson was asked if the incident was a run-of-the-mill drinking situation that got out of hand — and Peterson responded, “Yeah, pretty much.”

As for the off-duty officers involved in the arrest — Peterson”s lawyer says they were all in uniform at the time.