Adrian Peterson Arrest — Cops Say He Shoved Off-Duty Officer

Exclusive0707_adrian_peterson_arrested_tmzNFL star Adrian Peterson shoved an off-duty police officer in a Houston bar this morning and that”s what lead to his arrest … the Houston Police Department tells our sources. 

Kese Smith, the PIO for the Houston PD, tells our sources an off-duty police officer was working security for the club Live! at Bayou Place when closing time approached and he told various patrons it was time to leave.

Smith says the officer had to come back and tell Peterson a second time that he needed to leave and Peterson shot back, “Hey man, we heard you the first time!” and pushed the officer in the back of his shoulder, causing him to stumble.

Smith says the officer then told Peterson to turn around and put his arms behind his back because he was under arrest and Peterson began yelling at the officer. Smith says the officer repeated himself and that”s when Peterson turned around to face the officer and got in “an aggressive stance.”

Smith says a second off-duty cop came over to assist, but Peterson continued to resist, ignoring several verbal warnings.

A third officer then rushed over, Smith says, and they were finally able to arrest him and take him to jail.

Once he arrived at the jail, Smith says Peterson complained of a shortness of breath. A medical team examined him and Smith says Peterson checked out ok.