Adele Reveals Her From-the-Heart Inspiration for "My Same"

Adele has earned a loyal following of fans who hang onto her every word when she sings about heartbreak and heartache.

But the Grammy-winning singer – with a knack for writing about the men who broke her heart – was inspired by another special somebody when she wrote the song “My Same” for her 2008 album 19.

Adele, who is “doing well” following throat surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal chord, wrote the song for her best friend Laura, she explains in an exclusive clip from a DVD recording of her performance at London”s Royal Albert Hall (available in the U.S. on Nov. 29).

“I”m sure you could really tell how different we are,” she tells the audience of her best friend, who was seated in the crowd. “She wears bright colors. I wear black.”

Although they”ve been friends since Adele was 14, the two had a falling out before she went on tour for 19. Luckily, it didn”t last long.

“I called Laura pretty much almost in tears,” she says, “telling her that I wanted her to be back in my life and that I needed her and that she was the love of my life.”