Adam Scott Talks Bad Golf Jokes on "Conan"

Adam Scott Talks Bad Golf Jokes on

He shares his name with a PGA golfer, and Adam Scott is tired of all the constant jokes and comparisons being made.

During his interview with Conan OBrien, the Parks and Recreation star lamented the fact that Scott won The Masters over the weekend, because it has drawn attention to their common moniker.

Adam cited a few examples- “Hey, who is his caddie Nick Offerman” and “I can”t believe anyone could mix up the two Adam Scotts. They”re “Poehler” opposites” and “Hey Adam, you know what”s below par Your acting.”

Scott added, “My life has become hell. So, America, and I don”t mean to sound ungrateful, and I mean this with nothing but love in my heart, but please, can everyone shut the hell up Thank you.”