Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack and Jill’ Sweeps the Razzies

The 32nd annual Razzie Awards, which recognize the worst movies and performances of the year, were held earlier this evening and according to Reuters, Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill” made Hollywood history by winning all ten categories.

That’s not just pretty bad, it’s legendarily bad.

Voted on by a panel of experts as well as anybody with an internet connection, the Golden Raspberry Awards have been given out every year since 1981. But never before has one movie crapped the bed as hard as “Jack and Jill.” Just how bad was it? Well, for his dual performance as twin sisters Jack and Jill, Sandler became the first performer to ever win both the Worst Actor and the Worst Actress awards.

Of course, Sandler wasn’t the only person involved in the making of “Jack and Jill.” Other winners (and we’re using “winners” in the loosest possible sense of the word) include David Spade as Worst Supporting Actress, Dennis Dugan as Worst Director and Al Pacino, who won both Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple alongside co-stars Sandler and Katie Holmes.

There was one bright spot, at least for Twihards, as “Jack and Jill’s” epic fail meant that “The Twilight Saga” escaped victory in all eight categories it had been nominated in.

Here’s the full list of winners, such as it is:

Worst Picture: “Jack and Jill”
Worst Actor: Adam Sandler (“Jack and Jill”)
Worst Actress: Adam Sandler (“Jack and Jill”)
Worst Supporting Actor: Al Pacino (“Jack and Jill”)
Worst Supporting Actress: David Spade (“Jack and Jill”)
Worst Screen Ensemble: “Jack and Jill”
Worst Director: Dennis Dugan (“Jack and Jill”)
Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel: “Jack and Jill”
Worst Screen Couple: Adam Sandler, Al Pacino and Katie Holmes (“Jack and Jill”)
Worst Screenplay: “Jack and Jill”