Adam Levine: My Potty Mouth May Cost Me $100 Per Profanity

Blake Shelton (left) and Adam Levine
What the #$!% will Adam Levine do to clean up his language on The Voice

Start paying up.

“I have a dirty mouth,” Levine, 33, one of the hit NBC show”s four coaches, tells us. “I curse a lot and I want to try to contain that a little bit.”

So when the live shows start airing next month, he might institute a new policy: “I”ll have a little curse jar next to me. Every time we say a bad word, $100 goes to charity. It will help us, it really will. Because we”ll end up giving a lot!”

His close friend and fellow coach Blake Shelton – who appears with Levine on this week”s cover of us – is already on board.

“I like that. I”m agreeing to it,” says Shelton, 35, who will also co-host the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 1. “I will sign up!”

For more on Shelton and Levine”s friendship – including their clashes with Christina Aguilera and their double-date adventures with significant others Miranda Lambert and model Anne V – pick up this week”s issue of us, on newsstands now