Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Lad

Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Lad

Giving the world a first sniff of his new scents, Adam Levine showed up at Macys Westfield in Century City for the Adam Levine Fragrance Launch last night (February 7).

The I Wont Go Home Without You crooner was in good spirits as he hammed it up for the press and fans that came out to support his latest merchandising venture.

During a recent interview, Adam explained the thought process behind coming out with both mens and womens scents.

“I thought it would be nice to have something real and long-lasting and something that can compete with any fragrance, let alone celebrity fragrances. I”m not a fan of celebrity fragrances.”

He continued, “I”d much rather be bold and try to do something that competes with hugely iconic fashion fragrances. I want to compete with the real ones, I want to compete with Dior, I want to compete with people who I revere. To me, that”s what”s cool about this.”

“I think what”s interesting is, because I don”t really enjoy wearing cologne, I want to create kind of anti-cologne, something you could wear as an alternative or as an answer to a lot of the things that are out there. The men”s [fragrance] is very kind of simple and citric and it feels almost, like, refreshing instead of musky. I don”t like that kind of heavy, musky cologne. I like it to be something you don”t smell a mile away.

Levine added, “Same with the women”s [fragrance]. With the women”s, it”s something you can enjoy if you”re in close proximity to a woman and smell her neck or her arm or something…I don”t like being bombarded by a whole flower garden or marshmallows.”