Adam Lambert Comes To Defense for Miley Cyrus

Adam Lambert Comes To Defense for Miley Cyrus

Hes had his fair share of critics over the years, and Adam Lambert thinks Miley Cyrus” naysayers should keep their traps shut.

The Better Than I Know Myself singer took to his Twitter account to support his fellow pop star in the wake of her racy performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards .

Adam tweeted, “Listen if it wasn”t ur cup of tea all good but why is everyone spazzing Hey she”s doin something right. We all talkin.

However, Lambert neglected to weigh in on the gig himself- “Hold up! I didn”t actually state whether or not I liked @MileyCyrus performance. I merely said she was having fun and to cut her some slack.”

Meanwhile, the Parents Television Council is furious with MTV for airing the whole thing. They released a statement saying, “MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate “twerking” in a nude-colored bikini. How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds”

“This much is absolutely clear. MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children.”