Adam Carolla — SUED By Childhood Friend For Publishing Old Pics

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The BITTER personal feud between Adam Carolla and a childhood friend just got pettier … Donny Misraje is suing Carolla, saying the podcasting king published 2 old photos in his book without permission … according to docs obtained by our sources.

The pics are crappy point-and-shoot stuff … one shows a group of friends from “85, and the other is a snapshot of the comedian in “84. Both appeared in Carolla”s “Not Taco Bell Material,” released last June.

Misraje claims he was a big part of Carolla”s growing media empire in the beginning … they”d been besties for 30 YEARS … but he got the boot in September 2011 when Carolla brought in business managers who clashed with Misraje. He sued Carolla in January for breach of contract … that lawsuit is still pending.

Misraje says he took the photos and therefore owns the copyrights, so he”s entitled to unspecified damages. But the real knife-twister — he wants the court to force Carolla to recall all unsold copies of the book and turn them over “for destruction” … this according to the federal lawsuit filed last week in California.

We reached out to Carolla for comment — so far, no word back.