ABC to ‘Big Brother’ — You’re Not THAT Original

ABC is firing back at CBS — claiming its new realty show “Glass House” is NOT stealing trade secrets from “Big Brother” … because NOTHING about Big Brother is a secret.

The Alphabet network has filed a response in its legal battle with CBS — asking a judge to throw out the “over-the-top” lawsuit ASAP.

In the docs, ABC says the insinuation that “Glass House” is stealing top secret info is “outrageous” … because “there is nothing secret about editing a program with multiple feeds together or developing a narrative structure for it. That is reality TV.”

ABC also says hidden cameras, putting contestants in isolation and doing contests is nothing special … and shouldn”t be considered a trade secret. 

In the suit, ABC claims there are significant differences between the two shows — notably “Glass House” will be a team-oriented game … whereas “Big Brother” contains an “every man for himself theme.”

ABC scoffs at CBS” claim that 19 former “Big Brother” employees — all of whom know the secret sauce — defected to “Glass House.” The network claims the reason so many BB employees left is because “Brother” producers run a reality TV sweat shop — claiming “it is common knowledge in the industry that low pay and the 24 hours a day/7 days a week filming schedule makes life on the Big Brother set difficult.”

The suit adds, “That employees prefer a different show with benefits and better hours is hardly evidence of a trade secret violation.”

ABC is asking the court to deny every demand CBS has made — so it can produce its show in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A judge has yet to rule on the matter.