Aaron Rodgers — Ryan Braun (cluck) Lied To My (cluck) Face! (cluck)

Breaking News 0726-aaron-rodgers-ryan-braun-gettyAaron Rodgers — GB Packers quarterback and chronic bet reneger — is blaming disgraced MLB player Ryan Braun for letting his mouth write a check his ass couldn”t cash.

As you know by now … back in February, Rodgers aggressively defended his friend Ryan Bruan against allegations the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder was using PEDS … and was so confident, he “bet” his 2013 NFL salary with a random person on Twitter.

Obviously, Rodgers was wrong and lost the bet (he”ll never pay up, BTW) — and now he”s throwing Braun under the bus … telling reporters he was merely “backing up a friend.”

Rodgers says he was “shocked” when Braun admitted to cheating — saying, “[Braun] looked me in the eye … it didn”t feel great being lied to like that.”

You know what else doesn”t feel great, Aaron When you enter into a wager with someone and then DON”T PAY UP!!!!