Aaron Paul Answers Jimmy Kimmel's "3 Ridiculous Questions": Watch Here!

Aaron Paul Answers Jimmy Kimmel's

With his hit AMC series drawing to a close, Aaron Paul is everywhere these days, and this week he stopped by ” Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In the comedian”s “3 Ridiculous Questions” segment, the host plays bartender while he asks the bizarre queries of the 34-year-old actor.

First up, “Have you ever killed a mammal,” to which Aaron replied, “No, but I saw a mouse fall from a balcony once.”

Next, “What”s your favorite traffic sign” After considerable thought, he said, “I like railroad crossing.” Lastly, the Emmy-award winner was asked, “Aren”t babies a miracle,” which elicited a quick affirmative response followed by “You”re a miracle.” Check out the awkwardness in the player below.