A$AP Rocky — I.Owe.Squat … That Guy Attacked ME!

Exclusive 0421_asap_rocky_gettyA$AP Rocky might have gone all “Rocky” on some guy in a NY clothing store, but he is adamant that he does not owe the guy a dime … because the so-called beat down was in self-defense.

our sources broke the story … Shenick Alcine sued A$AP last year, claiming the rapper viciously attacked him after Shenick says he caught A$AP doing drugs inside the store. 

Now, A$AP is calling bulls**t. He filed docs in NY claiming Shenick is a liar who attacked HIM and any punches thrown were in self-defense. He”s asking a judge toss the suit … ASAP (yup, went there).

A$AP was arrested for assault and robbery after the melee — not for punching Shenick — but for allegedly beating up two photogs who were filming the incident and trying to steal their camera. He struck a plea deal in that case — skating with a fine and three days community service.

Retail … it”s brutal.