77-Year-Old Golf Legend Gary Player — I Was Born to Strip Naked for ESPN ‘Body Issue’

Exclusive 0627_gary_player_getty77-year-old pro golfer Gary Player didn”t do a lick of extra training for his naked debut as the oldest man ever in ESPN”s “Body Issue” — dude says he”s been in tip-top shape since birth … aka the “30s … yeah, he”s that old.

Gary tells our sources, “I did not do anything special for the shoot” … other than busting his hump working outdoors on his farm in South Africa everyday for a few months prior to dropping trou for ESPN.

He added, “I was already relaxed, tanned and ready to go.”

Before Gary flashed the family jewels for the shoot 2 weeks ago in Miami … he says ESPN treated him like a king and provided a serious spread of his fav foods — including crudités, fresh fruit, hummus, salad, and herbal tea. No wonder GP”s in great shape.

As for the whole naked thing, Gary says it didn”t bother him one bit — “I was relaxed and confident in my own skin to do this.”

Work it.