$50 Million Lawsuit Over Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen
“s show, “Anger Management,” hasn”t even debuted yet, and already there”s a lawsuit over who created it and who gets the big money.

Joe Roth, the epic producer who is responsible for a bunch of shows and movies, including “Major League” and “Bachelor Party” and the guy who is at the helm of “Anger Management,” is being sued by Jason Shuman, who claims he”s responsible for turning Charlie”s show into the TV version of the famous movie.

Shuman says he and Roth had a deal … and he would get a huge chunk of the “Anger Management” profits.  Shuman claims Roth is backing out of the deal, and he wants beaucoup bucks — more than $50 million.

Roth is the dude who brought Charlie to the table for the new show.