50 Cent — NOT THE FATHER Of Baby #2 … At Least On Birth Certificate

Exclusive 0712-50-cent-birth-tmz
50 Cent
didn”t father a child with ex-GF Daphne Joy — the woman he allegedly attacked during a domestic violence incident last month — at least according to the child”s birth certificate … but the document doesn”t rule out 50 either. Not even close.

our sources obtained the certificate — which shows Daphne is the mom — but it doesn”t list a father. The daddy field is blank, which means one of two things … A) Daphne didn”t know who the dad was, or B) she didn”t want to say.

But all clues still point to 50 being the dad — namely, the child”s last name is listed as Jackson … as in Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent.

As we reported, neither 50 nor Daphne have ever acknowledged the child is his … but the L.A. City Attorney”s Office kinda let the cat out of the bag when it announced the domestic violence charges against 50, saying he and Daphne had a “child in common.”

FYI, 50 Cent does have another child, officially on the books, with another ex-GF named Shaniqua Tompkins.