5 Hair Care Mistakes

   1-Joining Bandwagons:Bandwagon is a new hair tools.Every month new bandwagons come up.While these techniques can be beneficial; if what you’re doing isn’t broken don’t try to fix it. Try only following techniques that solve a problem you currently have with your hair.

2-Skipping products that work: Don’t skip those products always try it.Because you have know a lot of things  mineral oil.

3-Hair typing: Hair typing is purely aesthetic. your hair looks like someone elses but you have to know which looks good or not.Also figure out what your hair likes and doesn’t like.You can learn a lot from people who don’t have the same hair type as you do.

4-Black people, black hair ,black products:You might have an idea from someone’s hair looks like as your and someone who is curly. Lots of natural hair ladies use Dove, Suave, Loreal, Aussie Moist, Garnier Fructis.

5-Natural hair:natural hair doesn’t have to be difficult but, we all have our days. Don’t go natural thinking that you won’t have any bad hair days or even months! Natural hair has it’s learning curves.