2gether– Let’s Get this Fake Show on the Road

2gether just scheduled their first live gig in 10 years
The boy band reunion we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived— MTV’s faux-pop group 2gether just scheduled their first live gig in 10 years…so 2gether is officially together (yup).

As our sources previously reported… the group—made up of actors playing a b-band—has been buzzing around the idea of a reunion tour since last November, even getting MTV’s blessing to move forward.

Now Alex Solowitz—who played “Bad Boy” Mickey — tells our sources … the band will officially re-unite next month ON STAGE at a Los Angeles comedy club after a decade of pop-silence.

Alex tells us the goal is play 3 or 4 songs and podcast the set live in order to prep for an upcoming full-fledged concert to be featured in their reunion mockumentary. 

As always, a major chunk of the proceeds will go to the Michael Cuccione Foundation in honor of their band mate who died of cancer in 2001.

So watch it One Direction…. 2gether + Reunion = 90’s Awesomeness.