260 lb Teen Sues Rachael Ray Show — They Made Me Take a Hike

Exclusive 0416-rachael-ray-gettyA very large teen claims the “Rachael Ray” show is more brutal than CrossFit, more grueling than P90X, more intense than “The Biggest Loser” — and it all ended with humiliation and anxiety.

Christina Pagliarolo — who weighed in at 260 lbs — agreed to be part of a segment on overweight teens.  She claims in her lawsuit … the trainer made her run like Forrest Gump, yelled and screamed at her, and made her hike in the mountains.

Worst of all, she says the trainer put her on a StairMaster and kept cranking up the speed until she fell off the machine … and then he yelled at her for falling.

Christina says she was a mess after training … suffering serious injuries including messed up legs.

Christina is suing for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.