2 Chainz’ Bodyguard — We’re NOT Cowards … And We Were SET UP!!!

2 Chainz”
personal bodyguard says his posse was NOT running from duty when gunmen jumped them last weekend … they were just following the fleeing rapper”s lead … and what”s more — they think the whole thing was a setup.

Harold “Hammer Strength” Folsom spoke with Power 107.5 in Columbus, OH this morning … telling the radio station they had just flown into San Fran and were making a downtown pit stop when 3 dudes pulled out HUUUUGE .357 Magnums.

“(2 Chainz) took off running first. When he took off running … then WE took off running,” Folsom said.

Folsom says he heard the gunman yell at the rapper, “2 Chainz … give it up.”

The bodyguard says the whole situation was bizarre … because the bad guys took 2 Chainz” wallet and cell phone … but didn”t touch his jewelry.

He also doesn”t believe the robbers intended to hurt anyone … because if they wanted to shoot 2 Chainz, they definitely had the opportunity … but didn”t. 

Folsom says he”s convinced it was a setup … but he doesn”t explain WHY he believes the rapper was targeted or what the real motivation could have been.