2 Chainz Arrest — Cops Say Rapper’s Friend Waved Around Constitution

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NEWSFLASH: holding up a copy of the U.S. Constitution in a cop”s face will NOT stop him from arresting you — at least that”s what one of 2 Chainz” entourage members learned last week, shortly before he and the rapper got busted.

As we reported, 2 Chainz and ten other people on his tour bus were all arrested last week following a concert in Oklahoma City … after police accused them of smoking weed on board.

You”ll recall, cops pulled over 2 Chainz” bus because of a busted taillight, but upon approaching the vehicle … cops say they smelled pot and attempted to search the bus.

But the driver refused to let cops on board — and according to the police affidavit which was just released, one of the bus” passengers actually held a physical copy of the U.S. Constitution against the bus window … “as if challenging officers” with his civil rights.

Fact is: the police DID have probable cause to enter the bus because they smelled pot and saw smoke inside … but the rapper and his entourage decided to assert their non-existent civil liberties anyway.

In the end, officers towed 2 Chainz” bus and its passengers to a police lot — where it sat for hours while cops obtained a search warrant — and everyone was eventually arrested, 2 Chainz included.

The United States Constitution … it doesn”t work that way.