1972 Miami Dolphins Star Mercury Morris RIPS Richard Nixon — Dude Was a Racist

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Miami Dolphins legend Mercury Morris ain”t a fan of the N-word — as in, Nixon … Richard Nixon.

The unofficial mouthpiece for the undefeated “72 Super Bowl champs arrived in D.C. this week … and told our sources he’s glad his victory trip to the White House is coming 40 years after the fact — so he doesn”t have to deal with a racist President like Tricky Dick.  

FYI — The Fins never got a chance to meet the POTUS after their undefeated season because the President was dealing with some issues of his own at the time … issues that rhyme with shmatergate.

But today, members of the team have finally been invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to get their long-awaited congratulatory handshake from the Commander In Chief … and wide receiver Mercury Morris is pumped.

The best part of the encounter — we asked MM if he would rather meet Obama or Nixon, and he couldn”t have been more clear … telling us, “OH PLEASE MAN. Didn”t you see the Nixon tapes He may have called me a name man.”

QUICK HISTORY LESSON — “The Nixon Tapes” were explosive recordings in which R.N. could be heard referring to black people as … well, do we really need to spell it out

Of course, the “72 Fins aren”t the only team to finish the regular season undefeated — the 2007 Pats also accomplished the feat. But you won”t see them at the White House anytime soon … thanks to Eli Manning and one sticky helmet.