’16 & Pregnant’ Couple — Pregnant AGAIN After Child Services Incident

It”s barely been six months since Child Protective Services took away their daughter — but our sources has learned, “16 and Pregnant” couple Ebony and Joshua Rendon are PREGNANT … AGAIN.

Joshua tells our sources, Ebony is currently 10 weeks preggers with the couple”s second child.

According to Joshua, the pregnancy was NOT planned — but he adds, “We are extremely excited for the baby.”

Here”s the kicker — CPS took away Josh and Ebony”s toddler last year because of the deplorable living conditions in the Rendons” household … including maggot-filled piles of garbage and feces on the wall. The couple was arrested for child endangerment.

Shockingly, their girl is STILL with CPS — and we”re told Josh and Ebony only get supervised visitation. The case is still pending.

But Josh tells us, he and Ebony have learned from their mistakes, completed parenting classes, and now keep their home immaculate. Josh insists … they”re 100% ready for another kid.

Josh and Ebony are currently fighting to regain full custody of their daughter.