11 Playboy Pics Leaked Online

Lindsay Lohan Playboy: Entire Photo Spread Leaked Online
You knew it was going to happen. One week before it’s slotted to come out on stands, Lindsay Lohan’s much talked-about Playboy photos have surfaced online — 11 photos of a nud Lindsay Lohan in all.

While Lohan’s Playboy cover leaked online Thursday, featuring a vampy Lohan cast against a velvety red background worthy of a Daphne du Maurier book, this leak contains the entire Playboy spread.

TMZ reports that the Playboy execs are “freaking out” — justly so, given Hugh Hefner’s reported $1 million price tag for the Lindsay Lohan-meets-Marilyn Monroe photo shoot. The troubled 25-year-old actress was set to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on December 15th to officially unveil her Playboy cover.

The uncensored pics from Lohan’s Playboy shoot can be viewed here; a picture of the cover with Lindsay Lohan picture can be found below.